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Blitz Games Studio

Blitz Games Studio's mission is to create critically and commercially successful games within a stable, friendly and professional environment.


Some facts about Blitz Games Studio:

  • It is one of the world's largest independent video game developers
  • Founded in 1990 by industry veterans Philip and Andrew Oliver
  • Renowned for reliable delivery of high quality games
  • Staffed by highly-skilled, creative and passionate professionals
  • Industry leading tools and technology (BlitzTech)
  • An extensive network of trusted outsource partners providing specialist skills and services.

From humble beginnings in the bedrooms of 80s schoolboy coders Philip and Andrew Oliver, Blitz Games Studios has grown into one of the most stable and respected development studios in the world. Currently boasting six distinct divisions, the company has come a long way from its roots as a well known developer of family games. Today, the different Blitz divisions are working on mature titles, serious games, downloadable and short-session games and their middleware and game engine, BlitzTech. Looking back to their own roots, Blitz has also pioneered the Blitz 1UP initiative, which aims to help budding indie developers find their way to market. In addition to this diversified portfolio of interests, Blitz are heavily involved in working with education and government for the long-term benefit of the UK games development industry.

Sector: Video Games



  • Games ProgrammerGames Programmer

    Antony talks about his responsibility of taking the materials (game artwork and audio) and stitching them together to create the product

  • Games DesignerGames Designer

    Lynsey reveals all about the design side of games development

  • Games DesignerGames Designer

    Lance winter speaks about his role as a Senior Games Developer at Blitz Games Studio...