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Mind Candy

Mind Candy is one of the world's leading developers of social multi-player games, helping kids (and big kids!) around the world play and connect.

What Mind Candy has to offer...

Moshi Monsters:
Moshi Monsters is a free online game for kids, where they may adopt a monster and look after it. Kids whose parents give their approval can become 'users' on the site, and can adopt a Moshi Monster. Kids care for their monster by solving puzzle games, which earn their monster virtual rewards called Rox. Kids can spend Rox on virtual items like food, furniture and other treats and toys for their monster. Over time their monster will increase in level, be able to visit new locations in Monstro City, and earn all kinds of in-game rewards for playing. Monster owners will also be able to make friends with other owners and leave messages on their pages.

Tutput is a games site where kids from all over the world can engage in multi-player maths and spelling games.

Perplex City:
Mind Candy’s first project was the award winning Perplex City, a global treasure hunt played by thousands of people around the world across many different types of media.

Sector: Digital Media