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Radio Station Manager

COMPANY: Roundhouse

JOB TITLE: Station Manager

  • Developing a brand new schedule of shows for Roundhouse Radio and bringing new talent into to the station.
  • Managing and overseeing the promotional activity for the station including the implementation of the ‘Find Your Sound’ station ad campaign.
  • Maintaining and managing the Roundhouse Radio website and online social network presence (MySpace / Facebook).
  • Responsible for producing the ‘Roundhouse Radio Broadcast Bible’ including station guidelines and producer guidance on various matters including pre-recording shows to language to be used on air.
  • Building and developing external relationships with stakeholders for Roundhouse Radio including the London 2012 Olympics Committee.
  • Nurturing new talent and mentoring the young people on the creative projects.


Not essential but a broadcast journalism related course can help.


  • Internship with related companies.
  • Freelance experience.
  • Showcasing your work and networking within the field.


  • Practical experience in a radio broadcast environment.
  • The ability to contribute good topical ideas.
  • Experience in feature making and experience of live studio operation.
  • Sound editorial judgment.
  • A willingness to share ideas, skills and knowledge with other team members and learn from others.
  • An awareness of Health and Safety issues in a broadcast environment.


Surrounded by music / Great contacts / Developing and seeing talent grow / Having an idea and then being able to take it to air by yourself!


To develop Roundhouse Radio into a hub for the best young creative talent.