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Three Free Apps! - 5th Edition

NASA visualization explorer - NASA

When you say NASA, people think Space Shuttle. But NASA does so much more. The agency studies topics ranging from astrophysics to climate change. It also has a new iPad app that tells you more about diverse research projects. The NASA Visualization Explorer app brings a new topic from the space agency to your iPad each week. It's chock full of images, videos and scientific information. From Polar studies based in Antarctica to the movement of marine deserts, you'll get to see a side of NASA that doesn't often make the front page news. For content and visual appeal, the Visualization Explorer app gets the big thumbs up. 

Download links - (iPad)

MineCraft sweeper - K.Misiunas

Mine: To extract ore or minerals from the earth. Mine: An explosive device used to destroy enemy personnel, shipping, fortifications, or equipment. MineCraft Sweeper: An explosive Android app about extracting ore and minerals from the earth used to destroy any free time you might have accumulated. Developer K.Misiunas has taken two of the most beloved and addictive titles in the history of gaming and married them together in one startlingly fresh handheld experience. This is a labour of love, sweet love. Simple, elegant, and infinitely engrossing, MineCraft Sweeper marries two game concepts together effortlessly.

Download links - (Android)

Cloth - Clothes minded

Unlike Fashism, Pose or Go Try It On, Cloth has no built-in social network and no registration is required. By default, any photos you take of your clothing are saved in the app alone, ideal for those of us who want to remember and organize our outfits, but don't always (or ever) want to broadcast them to the world. Still, those who would like to share your ensembles can. The app lets you cross-post your images to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can also send your photos to to be featured on the site. Images can be allotted to one of several categories (such as work or evening) and tagged, although there's currently no way to browse looks by tag. You can also leave notes and save images to your device's photo album.

Download links - (iPhone/iPad)

And the best bit is all of these apps are available for FREE!

Check back soon for more Three Free Apps!


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